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Create a personalised and illustrated life-story book online for your adopted child. Create the characters to look like you, your child, their birth mother and foster carer. The story takes them through their birth, foster carer placement and into their forever family home. The message reinforces how much they are wanted and loved in your family. It drip feeds their information and opens the door for further discussion. It is written and illustrated in an age appropriate manner designed for the over two's.

Research suggests that the best age to start life story work with your child is around 3 years old, as by the time they get to 5 they'll have a good understanding of their origins. They will grow up feeling as if they've always known they are adopted rather than the dramatic often heart breaking moment of being sat down and told at an older age.

Perfect Adoption Gift
Many people struggle to find a suitable gift for families who have adopted. You can now gift a book to a family by purchasing a gift voucher for just £22.00 (inc P&P)*. They can then create their own unique adoption life story book for their child using the voucher and have it delivered to their door. An adoption life story book is a lasting memento which will offer a helping hand through the adoption journey - the perfect adoption gift.  Please print out the gift voucher when prompted and pass to the recipient for redemption.

* Gift vouchers are only currently available in the UK.

Sample Books & Checklist


  • Huggle Book - Couples
  • Huggle Book - Single Parent
  • Huggle Book - Same Sex Parents
    Same Sex
  • The cost of each book is £19.99 this includes creation and print or buy PDF £9.99 high resolution digital file

  • The book is 12 pages long, printed full colour, 210mm square format on 250gsm high quality card cover with 170gsm text pages. Whether you are male & female, single or same sex adopters, you can create the book to reflect your story, your circumstances. Please visit the 'Samples' page for a variety of sample stories.